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I've always been in love with people, their culture and the way it reflects in their eating habits. I believe that knowing food, in its different components (nutritional, cultural, social and environmental) is the best way of having a balanced diet that fits all kinds of goals. Besides, I love eating and believe that food can be great medicine for anti-aging and overall quality of life.

I'm a bachelor in Nutrition Sciences by Universidade do Porto, in Portugal, where I learned my passion's scientific side. Moved by the dream of discovering new realities, I finished my course in Brazil, where I've learned a whole new way of seeing food. There, I worked in so many different areas of nutrition: from defining restaurant menus, to working in clinical nutrition in hospitals and even visiting family homes to help people make more conscious food choices. It was a whole new world showing up before my eyes!

The more experiences I collected, the more I wanted to find out about food culture traveling all around the world. Italy showed up in my life by destiny, and it quickly became a highlight of my path. After specializing in Nutrition and Wellbeing, and after lots of ours in the kitchen with my friends' mamme and nonne, I completely surrendered to their extremely simple way of looking at food (simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve!).

Georgina Campos Nutricoach is born from the desire of bringing together all these learning under one single project, based on the idea of exploring food culture and diverse culinary experiences; following all the principles of a healthy diet, but adapting it to different goals and contexts. Above all, the goal is to provide tools, stimulate curiosity and change behaviors in a definite way, and not just for a short period.

Since I also believe that knowledge should always be associated with visual pleasure, the entire project was designed in collaboration with my friend and designer Flavia Lozano, in a lovely harmony between food, nutrition, culinary and design.

The trips never stop and the curiosity is endless! Keep up!

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